Do I Need A Professional Photographer for my Wedding?

Do I Need A Professional Photographer for my Wedding?

Your wedding pictures capture all the little special moments at your celebration. Many years later, you’ll get a chance to relieve your celebration using them. They are also great mementoes, preserving those moments for your lifetime and beyond. Everyone, however, has smartphones nowadays. The camera quality is gradually increasing, and pair that with many of the available mobile editing apps, and you can get pretty decent pictures.

So why do you still need a professional photographer? Why can’t your cousin mark just cover your wedding at no extra cost? Well, except maybe the extra plate of food he’ll probably take. I discuss that and more in the paragraphs below. So, grab a seat and let’s look into why you need a professional photographer for your wedding.

  • The Need for Proper Equipment

No matter how great your cousin or best friend’s smartphone or “good” camera is, it won’t replace using the right professional photography equipment and experience. With something as important as your wedding, you need the combination. You can only get the best wedding pictures and quality content when you work with the right kind of camera and have the experience to use it. You also have to take things like lighting, colour scale and ambience into account. Does your cousin Mark have a foolproof way of handling everything a wedding day will throw at him? Also, how many people can he get a good view of with his smartphone or camera. Does he have ultra wide lenses and backup cameras in case of failure?

Below is just some of the professional equipment we bring to each and every wedding regardless of how big or small.

  • Don’t Discount Experience

As I mentioned earlier, lighting and ambience are important. But that’s not all. You also have to account for the right angles and editing skills. Now except your cousin, Mark is a photography prodigy (Do they exist?), you’ll be putting a lot on his shoulders. Even when he knows these things because he took a beginner’s photography course one time, he won’t be able to achieve them with his phone or consumer level camera.

A professional, on the other hand, comes with a bucket load of experience. They’ll know the right angles and how to use the lighting to your advantage. Years of capturing weddings will also let them know what moments you’ll need to be preserved and how to capture them.

  • Creativity and Brilliance Are What You Deserve

Professional photographers are great at what they do. They have the tricks and skills to make your wedding pictures look better. They’ll also be able to do it in record time too. The variety of options that they have will enable them to take your pictures, edit and get them back to you soon. You’ll also be able to tell them precisely what you want because you can trust that they’ll find a way to make it happen. That’s why you’re paying them. Isn’t that convenient?

Your cousin or best friend with a smartphone or their camera won’t give you the same service. That is, even if they’ll do any edits at all. They’ll probably dump all your pictures in a Google drive folder, and you’ll have to sort things out yourself. Not a fun thing to do after you’ve just planned your wedding and should be relaxing.

Professional Creatitve wedding photography by photographer of bride and groom at Furtho Manor Farm
  • You Should Be Able to Enjoy Your Wedding Day, So Should Your Cousin or Best Friend

Your wedding is a significant and important day in your life. Spending the entire time worrying whether your cousin Mark got the right shots of your first kiss is less than ideal. You deserve better than that. It’ll also mean that most of your pictures will not be genuine. You’ll be posing with a worried look on your face most of the time.

Let’s not forget that your cousin should get a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful celebration you’ve planned too. Going about capturing other people having fun might not be quite how he wants to do it. He’ll also be missing from most of the shots.

With a professional photographer capturing your wedding, you can relax and have a great time. You’ll know that they are doing their job because you’d have researched them before hiring. If they’re a candid documentary style, your pictures will be genuine because you’ll barely see that they are capturing away. You’ll be focused on enjoying your special moments instead.

Your cousin or best friend can also relax and have a great time at your celebration. Since a professional is capturing your special moments, they can take part in what you have planned for your celebration.

In conclusion, a professional wedding photographer is crucial if you want your wedding photos to come out right. No matter how advanced technology is getting, there is still a place for experience and the right photography equipment.

You also need someone who knows where to be and what to capture. Also, having great wedding pictures takes more than just the capturing itself. There’s a host of other things that need to be right. There is also a multitude of work to be done after. So, if you want your wedding documented right and you want images to be proud of, a profession wedding Photographer is definitely your answer.

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