Intimate Weddings: What Are They About?

intimate wedding

Before the pandemic, small weddings were still a part of the wedding industry here in the UK, although not as popular. They appealed to couples who wanted a simple wedding with no fanfare. Then came the pandemic and the restrictions necessary to keep people safe.

The coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in micro weddings, as couples had to devise a way to celebrate their wedding in line with government specifications. They also wanted to keep their loved ones safe.

With recent wedding numbers restricted to 15 guests, now is the time to consider a micro wedding too if you’re planning to get married soon. Here is what they entail and some interesting advantages you might not know about them.

  • What are micro weddings?

Micro weddings are weddings of guest numbers 20 and less. They are like your regular wedding, only with fewer guests, more intimacy, and a lot more fun. With weddings restricted to 15 people, micro weddings are the next solution and provide a platform on which to have your wedding with more zing. Here are some reasons why couples who have had a micro wedding swear it’s the best thing ever.

  • They Are Easier to Plan

Planning a wedding for 15 people will always be easier than planning one for 70 to 100 guests. The logistics involved are less and you can easily decide on the things that need doing and when. Your budget, for one thing, will be easier to create.

There is also the fact that vendors like your caterer will source ingredients easier and faster. Preparation time will also be less. Finding things like a wedding venue will be easier too, as you can have your wedding almost anywhere. In fact, backyard weddings have become popular because of this. Micro weddings are easier to plan than traditional weddings.

  • They Are More Intimate

When you take a wedding of potentially 100 people and reduce the numbers to 15, the change in intimacy will certainly be significant. Couples have to go back to the drawing board and create a scale of preference. That means they’ll consider only the loved ones closest to them for the list. A wedding with only your favourite people will certainly be more intimate. You’ll be free to act like yourselves and have the time of your lives.

  • They Cost Less

Per head costs drive wedding bills up the roof. Planning a wedding for 15 people will definitely have a smaller impact on your bank account. You’ll spend less on wedding food, your venue, and even your wedding favours.

Most of your vendors will also offer you less costly packages for a smaller number of people. A micro wedding affords you a chance for more savings, which you can put towards other projects. You can also use it to make your wedding of better quality.

  • They Are of Greater Quality

Speaking of quality, a micro wedding offers you a chance for a celebration of higher quality. Spend on gourmet food, choice wines, or top-notch entertainment for your party without breaking the bank. Your guests will have a fun time and your wedding will be more memorable.

  • They Are Stress-Free

Wedding planning can be tasking. You’ll have sleepless nights thinking about how to please such a huge number of people. When a wedding is then cut down to only those most important to you, that stress is relieved. You’ll know what these people like because you’re close to them already. Besides, they’ll care too much about you to be worried about frivolities. They’ll just want to be there to celebrate you.

  • They Are Safe

Last but not the least, is the obvious safety that comes with micro weddings. It is easier to enforce social distancing in a wedding of 15 guests than it would be for weddings of 70 people or more. You and your guests can easily stick to safety protocols while having a great time.

So what do you say? Will you be having a micro wedding? Whichever you decide on, just remember that the love between you and your partner matters most. Best of luck!

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