6 Reasons for Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

Have you seen signs on weddings that say “No Phones” and wondered what was going on? Well these are unplugged ceremonies and they’ve become very popular these days. At first glance, couples can’t quite decide if they want to have one of not. Will you be having an unplugged ceremony and do you know how to go about it? If the answer is no to any of these, I’d love to be of help. Here’s what you should know when it comes to unplugged ceremonies.

  • What is an Unplugged Ceremony?

The definition of an unplugged ceremony is pretty easy. It’s a wedding ceremony where the guests have to put away their phones and other devices. Most times, guests end up viewing a wedding from behind their screens. They are either taking photos or tweeting about how much of a great time they are having. An unplugged ceremony actually let’s them have that great time rather than just tweet about it. No screens are allowed and guests have to be present in the moment. So why should you have an unplugged ceremony? Here are six important reasons.

mobile phones during wedding ceremony
  • It Keeps Everyone Fully Present

An unplugged ceremony is a great idea if you want to have a unique and intimate celebration. It helps to keep everyone focused on the reason why they are at your wedding: to celebrate your love. Making sure your wedding is an unplugged one will keep your guests fully present and involved in your celebration. It is also a great idea if you intend to ask them to participate in any unity rituals, wedding songs or other wedding activities.

  • It Gives Your Photographer the Opportunity to Get the Best Pictures

Your first kiss is a special moment. The problem is that everyone at your wedding knows that and will probably try to capture it themselves. The problem with this is that your photographer hardly gets a chance to capture that special moment without guests with phones getting in the way. After spending so much money on your wedding photography, you deserve more than that.

At an unplugged ceremony, there are no phones for your guests to use. That means your photographer can capture every genuine and beautiful moment uninterrupted. You’ll also get to see that they guests are concentrating on you as opposed to their phone screens.

  • You’ll Actually Get to See Everyone

Candid photography is a beautiful idea when it comes to weddings. As long as it is unplugged. That means that when your photographer captures pictures of guests it will be something related to your wedding. This is much better than seeing zillions of pictures if your loved ones on their phone. There’s a beauty in the photographer being able to capture the lovely look on the face of your Aunt Gertrude when you have your first kiss. It’s much better than getting a picture of her with her iPhone up in her face.

mobile phones during wedding ceremony
  • Distractions Will Be Reduced

From social media to loud ringtones, a wedding that is not unplugged can be a jungle of distracting events. You can’t spend the day wondering what your cousin Mark is typing about your wedding on Facebook. You’ll be distracted even more when as you say your vows, you notice a loved one taking a picture. You could end up forgetting your next lines if you’re not careful. An unplugged ceremony does not mean you won’t get any distraction. It just means that your distractions are limited.

  • Privacy

You own the right to share news about your wedding day how you want it and at the time you’re comfortable. You shouldn’t wake up on your wedding night to find your pictures had gone viral without you even knowing. Or end up having to disrupt your reception because someone updated their Instagram with pictures from your wedding that everyone is interested in. An unplugged ceremony helps you avoid situations like these. Your privacy is guaranteed and you can share only the things that you want to.

mobile phones during wedding ceremony
  • Your Guests Should Be Having Fun

There isn’t really any reason why your guests need to capture your wedding with their phones. You already have a professional photographer doing so. They’ll take better pictures because they have the right equipment and are experienced. So, leaving guests with their phones to take pictures isn’t really necessary. Plus, they’ll probably end up deleting the pictures soon. I mean what is your colleague at work going to do with a picture of your first kiss? They won’t use all those pictures they feel the need to capture either.

The truth is that guests often feel the need to do this out of habit. We’re in a world that is constantly encouraging people to document their all day activities. So they want to capture a photo of all that they’ve done at your wedding as a reflex. It doesn’t mean they can’t do without it happening. An unplugged ceremony will show your guests that ceremonies are better with them being fully present and occupied.

mobile phones during wedding ceremony

Okay so now you’re interested in how an unplugged ceremony works and considering how to have one. I am here to help again. Here are some ways to plan and hold your UK unplugged wedding:

  • Announce it to your guests. You have to let your guests know that you’ll be having an unplugged wedding. So as soon as you decide that’s what you’re going for, inform your guests. Your wedding website is a great place to announce this before the ceremony day.
  • Let your celebrant announce it. A great way to have an unplugged ceremony is by having your Celebrant announce it at the start of your ceremony. Your guests can be told that this request is from you and your partner. It’ll help everyone to be present at your wedding and not be distracted.
  • Plan for problematic guests. If you have any guests that you think will have a problem with being unplugged for your wedding then reach out to them. That way you can make sure that they have seen and understand your rules and reason. You could also have a member of your wedding party watch out for these guests and keep them in line where necessary.
  • Make up your mind on time. Make plans for how long your unplugged wedding will last and be realistic about it. In this age where people cannot stay away from their phones for longer than 30 minutes, asking them to stay that way at your ceremony and reception could be too much. You have to consider your guests feelings and come to a compromise.

Having a lovely unplugged wedding is possible and can be one of your best decisions. Most guests who you invite will easily understand why and be ready to comply. This will lead to a more fun and exciting ceremony as everyone will be focused on what is important. Best of luck!!!

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