Vintage and Rustic Themed Weddings

The vintage and rustic wedding themes are beautiful when used for weddings here in the UK. When you put them together for your celebration, you’ll create something magical that will be unforgettable.

So, if you’re thinking of having a vintage and rustic themed wedding here in the UK, we’d say definitely go ahead. You’ll love the results and with a little more attention to detail, you can have a wedding to remember. We’d love to help you with ideas for a special wedding like this. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate the vintage and rustic themes into your wedding celebration.

  • Farm Wedding Venue

A farm would be the perfect setting for your vintage and rustic themed wedding in the UK. It would offer a beautiful setting with fields, animals grazing, wildflowers, and ponds. The atmosphere would give a relaxed country vibe, which is perfect for your rustic and vintage themed wedding.

  • Photos of Your Wedding Details

Have your details like your wedding dress, rings, menus, invites, and bridal shoes displayed in an amazing way. Like on a red rock, a wooden background, or with trees in the background to showcase the beautiful rich theme of your wedding.

  • Your Wedding Dress

An off-white lace or tulle wedding dress would be just perfect for your vintage and rustic themed wedding in the UK. It would be the ultimate look, and if you go for a lovely veil and a ball gown, you’ll look like a princess. Add a gorgeous and well-rounded bouquet of wildflowers to this look, and it would be unforgettable. Flowers like roses, peonies, and anemones would also work for your bouquet, boutonniere, and even your centrepieces. 

  • Your Groom Outfit

An informal wedding venue like a barn, garden, or farm allows for grooms to be more casual with their outfits. So, skip the three-piece suit and opt for something more fun. A relaxed outfit with a lovely and flowery boutonniere will help to bring out the rustic side of your wedding. A bow tie with colours that rhyme with your wedding colour scheme would also be beautiful.

  • Wedding Signs

Having wooden signs at your vintage and rustic themed wedding is a great way to greet your guests. You can also add flowers, balloons, and garlands to the design to make it even better. Using your wedding colours in the lettering is also a great idea. 

  • Ceremony

Include special rituals like the knot ceremony or hand binding ritual to give a nod to the old as you say your vows and exchange rings. Work with a celebrant who can personalise your vows beautifully to keep in line with your relaxed wedding vibe.

  • Table Setting

Small round tables to accommodate guests from the same house while keeping everyone safe would be lovely. Gold cutlery, a centrepiece of wildflowers, and vintage wine glasses would just complete the look. Try to use flowers that go with your wedding colour scheme and white tables, chairs, and napkins to bring out the vintage feel. The result would be an eye-catching wedding table setting.

  • Vintage and Rustic Wedding Centrepiece

We can’t get over the idea of a gorgeous wildflower centrepiece for your wedding! For example, a combination of blush roses and overflowing greenery would be so romantic. It would go beautifully with the white tables, chairs, and napkins on your table to portray the gorgeous vintage ad rustic look.

  • Vintage and Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

A gorgeous four-tiered white cake with spots of your wedding colours is just what you need. Your wedding cake table can mirror the same design using a lovely backdrop and your wedding colours and balloons too. You can also add fresh flowers to the setting.

  • Alternative Entertainers

Go beyond the usual wedding DJ or live band for your ceremony and hire entertainers. Acrobats and even a magician would bring a flair to your vintage and rustic themed wedding that would make it unforgettable.

  • Wedding Photo Session

A photo session on the grounds should feature the lovely fields and the old buildings as you showcase your love. If there’s a dock, go ahead and use it too. Waterside photos are always really gorgeous. You can also use props like an old vintage tractor lying around and more.

  • Vintage Wedding Car Prop

An antique vehicle is a necessity for any vintage and rustic themed wedding in the UK. A lovely tractor would represent the farm wedding venue and the rustic charm while also giving a vintage feel. It would create a fun photo backdrop.

  • A Rustic Photo Booth

Photo booths are fun additions to weddings that take us down memory lane. They provide a chance for your wedding guest to interact and have fun. They also provide instant wedding photos and favours. The photos from your photo booth can be used in your wedding photo guest book too. A rustic themed photo booth at your wedding would be just perfect in helping you bring out your wedding’s vintage side.

  • Wedding Vendors

Work with vendors that know how to cater to weddings with your special theme. That way, everything they do will be in line with your wedding vision, including their setup and even their dressing. For example, a wedding catering company that shows up with a vintage food stand to serve at your wedding. Or a wedding photography and videography company that knows how to add the vintage effect to your wedding videos (Hopefully us). You won’t regret it.

  • Vintage Styled Videography/Photography

An aged vintage film edit can be applied to wedding videos (or photography) supplied by 1st Class Wedding Photography & Videography for a truly authentic look for your festival, rustic or vintage themed wedding. If you are planning a wedding and love this vibe please get in touch. This is just one of our many real film look editing styles. Please see the example below.

*Please select HD in video settings for the highest quality.