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Cherish your wedding memories with our cinematic storytelling wedding videography

Storytelling wedding videography

I approach wedding videography with a focus on discretion and minimal intrusion, aiming to authentically document your special day. My objective is to narrate your wedding story through natural idocumentary filming, capturing genuine emotions and moments over contrived poses.

My wedding films are crafted with romantic and cinematic styling, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience across all screens.

Every package I offer features HD Cinematic Widescreen filming, expert editing, and my distinctive color grading for an enhanced visual appeal.

Contact me to discuss how we can beautifully capture your wedding day and explore the different packages I can provide.

Documentary storytelling cinematic wedding films

Below are some little teaser samples of the kind of quality to expect from us. Our High Definition Videos are made from beautiful romantic cinematic footage! You will enjoy seeing your movie at amazing quality on any screen. All of our packages will include HD Cinematic Widescreen filming, professional editing and our signature stylised film look colour grading for superior quality. Speak to us now about how we can tell the story of your wedding day and the various packages we have available.

Bride in gown sitting pensively in dimly lit vintage room.

live your wedding day over and over again with our beautiful films

Natural, Authentic Wedding Videos with a Personal Touch

A unique approach to capturing your special day.

My mission? To create a wedding video that’s not just beautiful but authentic and true to who you are.

Capturing Your Day, The Unobtrusive Way

When it comes to filming your wedding, I believe in being as discreet and non-intrusive as possible. My goal is to document your celebration in a way that naturally tells the story of your day. I focus on genuine moments and true personalities, steering clear of forced or awkward situations. This approach ensures that when you look back at your wedding video, you’ll see the real emotions, laughter, and love that defined your day.

Wedding ceremony filming in progress inside church.

From Photographer’s Eye to Videographer’s Vision

Transitioning from photography to videography has given me a keen eye for the small details that make your wedding unique. This dual expertise enables me to capture the essence of your celebration with precision and artistry. Every frame is thoughtfully composed to bring out the best in your special moments, ensuring that your wedding video is a cinematic reflection of your love story.

Your Story, Told Your Way

What makes my service stand out is my dedication to telling your story. Your wedding is a tapestry of meaningful moments, and I’m here to weave them into a narrative that’s as heartfelt as it is visually stunning. With me, James, capturing your day, your wedding video will be a genuine portrayal of your journey, filled with the authentic, unscripted moments that you’ll want to remember forever.

Commitment to Excellence

I’m committed to delivering the highest quality in wedding videography. Utilizing the latest technology and creative techniques, I ensure that every aspect of your wedding video, from the visuals to the editing, is of the utmost quality. But beyond the technology, it’s my creative vision and discreet shooting style that will make your wedding video a timeless keepsake.

Let me Capture Your Love Story

If you’re looking for a videographer who values authenticity and discreet storytelling, I’d love to hear from you. Together, we can create a wedding video that beautifully captures the essence of your special day, allowing you to relive those genuine moments for years to come. Reach out to me, James, and let’s make your wedding video as real and remarkable as your love.

Having a


Please note:  

Due to restrictions placed by some churches it is the responsibility for you to acquire any permits or consent required by the church or venue in order for us to record these parts of the  wedding day. Without this we may be asked to not record in your church.  

Some churches may charge an additional fee for recording of the music in the church. You will need to arrange for this with the church as our normal music usage licences do not cover this fee.

Don’t want full videography on the day or looking to reduce costs?

Not a problem we have that covered.

Speak to us about adding our Highlights Film “Fusion add-on” to your photography package

Wedding photography and videography fusion package advertisement.
Bride and groom lying on rocky hillside, drone photography.
Drone offering wedding photography, videography services with license.
Outdoor wedding ceremony in picturesque garden setting.

How about a different view

I am a fully licensed and insured drone videographer

Drone videography

Enhance Your Wedding Film with My Signature Drone Videography Included in All Main Packages

I’m excited to share that drone videography is now included in all main wedding videography packages. This addition is designed to elevate your wedding film, offering breathtaking aerial perspectives that capture the grandeur and emotion of your special day in ways that ground-based filming simply can’t achieve.

A Unique Perspective Included with Every Package

Including drone footage as a standard feature in my main videography packages ensures that every couple has the opportunity to see their love story from an incredible new vantage point. Whether it’s sweeping views of your beautiful venue, capturing the scale and excitement of your day, or adding a cinematic quality to your most precious moments, my drone videography brings a touch of magic to your wedding film.

Navigating Restrictions and Conditions with Expertise

It’s important to note that while drone footage is included in all main packages, its execution is subject to local or venue flight restrictions and weather conditions on the day. As a certified drone pilot, I prioritise safety and compliance, ensuring that our aerial filming adheres to all regulations and respects the sanctity of your celebration. In the event of restrictions or unfavourable weather, I’m committed to working closely with you to find alternative creative solutions to capture your day beautifully.

Commitment to Safety, Professionalism, and Artistry

Safety, professionalism, and artistry are the pillars of my drone videography services. Operating with precision and care, I aim to enhance your wedding day experience without intrusion, blending technical expertise with creative vision to create something truly extraordinary.

Elevate Your Wedding Memories with Confidence

By including drone videography in all main packages, I ensure your wedding film will not just document your day but will tell the story of your love from a breathtaking perspective. If you’re excited about adding depth, drama, and a unique touch to your wedding video, rest assured that with me, James, your memories will soar, subject to the skies being clear and free for us to capture your day from above.

Ready to elevate your wedding film with stunning aerial views? Reach out to me, James, and let’s make your wedding memories unforgettable, with the sky as our canvas.


Examples of my ‘Fusion’ Highlights add-on available as an optional extra for my photography packages.

Crockwell Farm
dodmoor house
grendon lakes
Grendon Lakes
Grendon Lakes (multicam full ceremony)
Hazlewood Castle
Lains Barn
Tewin Bury Farm
The Crazy Bear
Bassmead Manor
Crockwell Farm
Crockwell Farm
Long Furlong Farm (Styled Shoot with vintage edit)

Main Film examples

Please select 1080p in settings to view high quality


My Coverage Area I cover an area of approximately 50 mile radius from NN8 postcode within my standard charges. Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Rutland.

Book now and receive up to £200 off our videography prices for 2024/25 weddings. (excludes highlights and basic film video packages)