New Trends in UK Weddings

Many trends originate from America and it’s always a good way to look at what may head to the UK. Look and the school disco we all remember well, these have now become very elaborate proms, sweet 16 parties and now also becoming the norm.

Some may agree or disagree as to whether these are good or bad, but nonetheless the UK is heavily influenced by America and I personally love some of the trends that are starting to seep into UK weddings.

One of my favourite things are the first look shots, totally in contradiction to traditional english weddings where the groom does not see the bride before the ceremony. First looks are a very private and intimate moment and produce some of the most stunning and emotional wedding images I have ever seen.

I would also love to see more outdoor ceremonies in the UK which are totally possible just not widely known about. You can get married anywhere you like….even in your own back garden.

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