Should we book a Videographer for our wedding?

The big question and the one asked the most by couples planning a wedding should we book a Videographer for our wedding? With all the planning you’re doing, your wedding will be beautiful. How do I know this? Well, for starters, here you are doing further research on how to get things right. A critical key to a successful and beautiful wedding is proper planning.

Now with wedding videos, you’ve probably seen a few lovely ones and thought to yourself, “I want something like that”. You’re on the right path. You deserve to have your beautiful wedding documented just like that.

You see, people often forget that there is a difference between attending a wedding and hosting one. It is almost like how you can watch an event that happens from the outside. The people involved in that situation do not have the same perspective. You won’t get the full picture of your wedding until you can step back from it.

This is not to say that you won’t enjoy your event. Yes, you’ll experience many emotions ranging from happiness to overwhelming joy. However, there is something to be said for getting a chance to view it all from the outside. This is where your wedding photos and videos come in.

Every couple in the knows that wedding photos are important. They give you a chance to save the special moments at your event. But sometimes, with wedding videos, couples find themselves wondering, “Do I really need a video?” The answer is that you do. And I’m not just saying that because I am into wedding videography.

You see, wedding photography and wedding videography are both important. They are two different but needed services for your wedding. Many couples, however, ignore videography until it is too late. A recent study has shown that this is the one thing couples regret the most.

Why is that? What makes having a wedding video so important? That’s what I discuss in the following few paragraphs. So, grab a cup of relaxing tea and your favourite chair. Here is why you should choose a videographer for your wedding.

videography camera in action at wedding
  • Your Wedding Memories Are Very Important

One funny thing about humanity is that we tend to remember details of an unpleasant experience more easily. It probably has something to do with our survival instincts. You’ll discover that your mind glosses over an enjoyable experience that you were a part of. It mostly keeps only the happy emotions that you felt on that day. However, when something terrible happens, your mind stores many of the details to probably stop you from repeating any mistakes that could have led to it.

How does this apply to weddings, and why you need a videographer? Well, it’s simple. Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life! That means soon after; you will most likely remember things in a blur. Ask most wedding couples; they’ll tell you the day rushed by. You’ll find that you easily remember that you were happy but forget specific situations.

With a wedding videographer documenting your celebration, you can avoid that. All you’ll have to do is press play on your video to watch the emotional moment when you said your vows. You’ll see how lovely your partner looked and the little smile on their face. You’ll hear the emotional catch in their voice as they say they love you.

With a video, you can relive how the wind was blowing during your vows. You can also hear the sound of the trees as the celebrant joined you both together. Every lovely detail of that moment and many more will be right there for you to enjoy. Also, the more you watch it, the easier it’ll be for your own brain to store it.

  • Videos Are Different

Your wedding photos will help you preserve the important moments at your wedding. In future, when you look at them, you’ll remember how happy you both were. Videos, on the other hand, tell a different story. They have the capacity to take you from the present and put you right back in the joy of that beautiful day. You both deserve to experience that.

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  • For Those Who Couldn’t Be There

Two things we have come to appreciate this year are family and friends. We should never take the relationship between our loved ones for granted and us. However, there are many reasons why some of the people special to you may not be able to make it to your wedding. Some of those could be finance or ill health. Whatever the reason, a wedding video could help make them feel better. They’ll be able to experience the joy of that day from wherever in the world that they are. Your wedding video would be a great way to share your wedding story with them.

covid restrcted wedding party
  • A New Family Tradition

Can’t go out for your anniversary for some reason? Plan something beautiful at home. You can even make it a yearly tradition to settle down with a bottle of wine and slot your wedding video in. You’ll discover what a helpful reminder it is of how far your love has come.

In closing, I’d like to point out that some things in life have to be relived. Imagine only having a chance to listen to your favourite song once. Or only being allowed to watch your favourite movie one time (Shudders). As you can see, some experiences have to be enjoyed over and over again. Your wedding day is one of those experiences. That’s why you should choose a videographer for your wedding. So what do you say?

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  • What does it take to film a  wedding?
You maybe think your uncle can film your wedding with his latest smartphone or your friend has a “good” camera that does video? Weddings are very demanding and challenging. They require very specialist equipment. Below are examples of the equipment we take to each and every wedding to ensure the highest quality wedding films possible.

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