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Weddings at Woburn Safari Lodge

The Woburn Safari Lodge, located in the heart of Woburn provides a uniquely beautiful setting for weddings. The venue offers a range of amenities that contribute to making the special day unforgettable. There are two function rooms available – the Safari Lodge offering a rustic, sophisticated feel and the Maple Lodge, featuring a cozier ambiance. Both are gracefully designed, providing the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos and can suit a variety of wedding sizes. Weddings at Woburn Safari Lodge typically commence with the ceremony held in the Lantern Room, a regal event space bathed in natural light, followed by a reception surrounded by tranquil views of the Swan Lake. The venue is marked by its splendid facilities including state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and a dedicated events team to ensure everything runs smoothly. Wedding menus are expertly catered by the in-house culinary team, who are accommodating to specific dietary needs. Overnight accommodation for guests is conveniently situtated as the Inn at Woburn is just a short distance from the Safari Lodge. The 48 room inn demonstrates a fusion of contemporary and traditional design while maintaining an intimate feel. Lastly, one of the key highlights of Woburn Safari Lodge is its proximity to the Safari Park. This adds an extra touch of excitement and offers the opportunity for truly unique wedding photography. With all these features combined, Woburn Safari Lodge creates an exclusive, enchanting atmosphere, making it an idyllic choice for couples seeking a unique wedding venue.

Woburn Safari Lodge Wedding Photographer

We specialise in documentary-style wedding photography and videography at 1st Class Wedding, based in Northamptonshire, UK. We capture the essence of your special day in a unique, unobtrusive manner, focusing on genuine, heartfelt moments. Serving within a 50-mile radius of the NN8 postcode, our experienced team has worked across various venues, ensuring each wedding story is told beautifully. Our dedication to quality and creativity has earned us numerous awards. We’re committed to providing exceptional, memorable photography and videography services for your wedding.

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The History of Woburn Safari Lodge

The Woburn Safari Lodge, situated in Woburn, Bedfordshire, boasts a rich and compelling history that’s tightly interwoven with the noble Russell family and the Woburn Abbey Estate. This enchanting venue, with its roots tracing back to the 11th century, was originally part of a vast deer park, established by John Russell, the First Earl of Bedford, a trusted advisor of Henry VIII. Over the centuries, it evolved into a hunting lodge for the Russell family. By the 19th century, the Duchess of Bedford, known for her passion for wildlife and conservation, conceptualized the idea of a wildlife park on the estate. Consequently, in the 20th century, the park opened as Woburn Safari Park, attracting countless visitors. In 2007, the Lodge underwent a significant transformation to blend its historical essence with contemporary features, creating a unique and versatile event venue. Retaining its rustic charm, the renovated lodge began hosting weddings in 2009. Today, the Woburn Safari Lodge, with its blend of rural ambiance and modern amenities, stands as a preferred location for couples seeking a distinctive wedding venue. Embedded in the lap of nature, the Lodge allows couples and guests to celebrate amidst wild animals, offering a truly unique experience that is an integral part of Woburn’s heritage. This synthesis of wildlife, history, and romance makes the Woburn Safari Lodge an enduring symbol of Woburn legacy.

How To Find Woburn Safari Lodge

Nestled in the heart of Woburn in Bedfordshire, the distinguished Woburn Safari Lodge is located within the verdant precincts of the Woburn Safari Park. Known for its extraordinary wildlife offerings, the park creates a captivating backdrop ideal for weddings. The lodge, camouflaged amidst the natural landscape, offers a sense of tranquillity and rustic charm. Conveniently situated near major cities such as London and Birmingham, it is easily accessible via major roads including the M1 and A5. The venue’s unique geographical location in the lush English countryside makes it a desirable wedding destination.

About Woburn

Woburn is a charming and historic town located in the exotic landscapes of Bedfordshire, England. Noted for its historic significance, the town prides itself on the Woburn Abbey, home to the Duke of Bedford, a remarkable display of British heritage and architecture from the 12th century. It’s also surrounded by a lush and extensive 3,000-acre deer park. The town itself is a blend of traditional and modern, offering a myriad of independent shops, restaurants, and eateries that exhibit the best local produce. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of art and antique shops, each with their inviting displays of unique collections. For wildlife admirers, Woburn Safari Park offers a thrilling day out, housing over 1,000 exotic animals in vast open spaces. This beautiful English town also hosts the renowned Woburn Golf Club, famed for its three championship golf courses. Visitors and residents alike admire Woburn for its rich history and idyllic environment, making it a cherished destination within Bedfordshire.

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How long have you worked as a Woburn Safari Lodge wedding photographer/videographer?

I’ve been a professional in photography and videography for over two decades and shifted my focus to primarily capture weddings full-time starting in 2015.

How much does hiring a wedding photographer for Woburn Safari Lodge cost?

For weddings at Woburn Safari Lodge, I offer a variety of packages, ranging from coverage of small, intimate ceremonies to comprehensive packages that capture every moment, from the morning preparations to the last dance of the evening.

How would you describe your photography style for a Woburn Safari Lodge wedding?

At Woburn Safari Lodge weddings, my approach blends documentary style with modern takes on traditional photography and videography. I capture the day’s events as they naturally unfold, combining romantic, elegant portraits with a more informal style for a comprehensive reflection of your day. My work suits couples who prefer a relaxed, non-posed experience, focusing on emotions and connections. Embracing the unique energy of each wedding, I aim to create vibrant, amazing images that truly represent the personalities of the couples I work with.

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